Learn How to Play Soccer: 3 Soccer Kicks to Master

When learning how to play soccer, it’s important to master 3 types of soccer kicks. Here we’ll look at the different technique required for:

  1. Passing the Soccer Ball

  2. Chipping a Soccer Ball

  3. Taking a Shot at Goal

With each one, the key things to remember are adopting the correct stance, meeting the ball with the right part of your foot and completing the kick with the correct motion.


1. Passing the Soccer BallSoccer Pass by Ronaldinho

There are many ways to pass a soccer ball but in this case we’ll focus on a basic low pass along the turf.

You should address the ball with your standing foot close to it, and your head over the top. Leaning back will cause you to lose balance, so it’s important to make sure your head is over the ball, and you’re facing in the direction you want the soccer ball to go.

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Bring your kicking foot through, making contact with the ball using your instep, which is the inside of your foot below your ankle. Your foot should come through straight, and impact the central area of the ball, and continue through in a smooth motion as your foot straightens up (similar to a putter head on a golf club).

The straighter you bring your kicking foot through on the center of ball, the straighter your pass will be, and the follow-through will generate more power.

2. Chipping a Soccer Ball

To chip a soccer ball you need to place your standing foot a little further away (than it is for a pass) and approach the ball from an angle. The key to getting height and distance on a chip is getting underneath the ball as much as possible and bringing your foot through with enough pace.

With this kick, you need to lean back a little and bring your foot through sideways, so that you kick the soccer ball with the inside of your foot near your big toe. Try to get your toe underneath the ball and follow through with a smooth, forceful motion.

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3. Taking a Shot at GoalSoccer Shot by Cristiano Ronaldo

Everyone loves taking a shot at goal, so when you’re learning how to play soccer your soccer drills should include shooting practice.

To make a good, powerful shot you need to use the top of your foot, where the laces of your soccer boot are. You need to address the ball from further away, so there is more of an angle than when you’re chipping the soccer ball. Plant your standing foot further away to create a more open stance, which will allow you to extend your kicking leg and come through in a smoother arc.

Run up with more pace than usual, and draw your foot back behind you to a comfortable distance. The kicking motion is similar to a chip but you want to meet the ball higher up, so there is as much contact as possible on the upper part of your foot.

As you get used to striking it in this fashion you can experiment by kicking different parts of the soccer ball to shoot it in different directions. Coming across the ball and hitting the outside portion of it will send it one way, whilst striking the central and inside area directs it to the opposite side.

The faster and smoother you perform the shot, and the better your contact with the ball, the harder you will hit it.

Matt Smith from Epic Soccer Training provides further details in the video below on how to master these three soccer kicks.

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